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Spiritual creatures

Most religions have some sort of creatures who walk among us called spiritual beings or creatures. They are not part of the human kind and have their own realm of existence. However, there is one common denominator for all spiritual beings, no matter what religion you believe in. Spirit beings are, by definition, spiritual beings… Continue reading Spiritual creatures

Understanding Spiritual Energy

There is much confusion about the term “Spiritual Energy”. Proponents of different esoteric forms of spiritualism and alternative medicine claim to have encountered numerous alleged cases and encounters with spirit energy that simply cannot be explained using scientific terms. Spirituality is one of the most popular concepts in modern day spiritualism. In its most general… Continue reading Understanding Spiritual Energy

Types of Spiritual Books

What are spiritual books? In essence, these are books of reference that are focused on the path of spiritual living. The authors of such books share some common beliefs and values, but they also take into account their own personal understanding of how life can be lived better through spiritual practices. Spiritual books, in this… Continue reading Types of Spiritual Books

What is Spiritual Music?

Spiritual music is a category of music which is “unchangingly pure” in that it is not only unadulterated, but also unrefined. In other words, spiritual music does not have a filter to make sure that all sounds are heard within the category of spiritual music. “Pure” in this sense simply means that the notes and… Continue reading What is Spiritual Music?