Japanese Vegetables

Japanese vegetables are a diverse group of fruits and vegetables that are grown, in part, for consumption. These traditional plants are eaten raw, cooked, stewed, broiled, sauteed, and even grilled. Traditionally they are harvested before the fruit begins to form. After picking, the fruit is allowed to develop for up to three weeks to determine… Continue reading Japanese Vegetables

Are Mushrooms Vegetables?

To answer the question “are mushrooms vegetables?” we need to first take a look at what exactly mushrooms are. Mushrooms are the end result of fungi growing in the damp and dark environment of a mushroom’s body. Under normal circumstances, they’re harmless, but when they’re disturbed or injured, they can release spores that can irritate… Continue reading Are Mushrooms Vegetables?

Indian Vegetables

Indian vegetables are a healthy choice. For starters, they don’t have to be cooked like other Western vegetables. Nor do they need to be mashed or pounded into a pulp. Instead, you can grate them into a fine mesh or sauce to make them more nutritious. Because of their lean protein content, Indian vegetables are… Continue reading Indian Vegetables

Mexican Vegetables

The cuisine in Mexico is diverse and there are plenty of Mexican vegetables that can only be found there. But just because a cuisine has a wide variety of vegetables does not mean that they have all of them. Some regions have a wider variety of plants than others. And yet, these vegetables are some… Continue reading Mexican Vegetables

Hibachi Vegetables

What do you know about hibachi vegetables? If you are new to the subject of Japanese cooking, or if you simply haven’t been keeping up with what is happening in your local grocery store, you may have some questions. If you don’t know much about hibachi vegetables, let me assure you that you really don’t… Continue reading Hibachi Vegetables